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Body Fit Training continues to expand in Europe

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Body Fit Training (BFT)the global boutique fitness brand that offers 50-minute group strength training classes led by highly qualified trainers, has announced a Master Franchise agreement in Scandinavia that will see it open a minimum of 30 studios over the next 10 years.
The agreement has been signed with the fitness professional Tage Flugeiman operator
experienced and highly successful in this market with the opening of its own
gym as well as handling the landing of the popular Barry's Bootcamp in Scandinavia.
15 years ago. As of 1 August, Flugeim will focus on the opening and expansion of BFT.
throughout Scandinavia.
Flugeim will start by opening a BFT studio in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen within the next few years.
next 12 months. These studies will serve as flagship studies in their respective countries.
Once successfully established in these cities, the team will focus on building new ones.
partnerships and attract sub-franchisees. The objective is to have 20 studios in the first 5 years.
and to reach up to 40 BFT studios across Scandinavia in the next 10 years.
"BFT meets all the requirements thanks to the quality of the training, the unique approach
in strength training sessions, careful programming, a focus on the
people and the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere of the studios," explains Tage Flugeim.
Flugeim adds: "Scandinavians have a strong health and fitness culture. More
20% of the population is a member of a fitness studio. Our economy, in terms of
The overall quality is very good and we are willing to pay for quality products. The
Scandinavians value honesty, efficiency and results. And the 'no-nonsense' approach of
BFT, with its emphasis on training, programming and people, is a perfect fit.
with the Scandinavian mentality".
For its part Richard Burnet, Director and CEO of BFT International, he commented: "BFT will be at
good hands with Tage Flugeim and his team. He is an experienced operator and has had great
success bringing Barry's to Scandinavia. The boutique fitness space continues to be an offer
relatively niche throughout the region, which creates a great opportunity for BFT to expand into the region.
set up there".

Expansion in Europe and Spain with strategic partners
The Master Franchise agreement in Scandinavia is part of the company's growth strategy.
the brand in Europe, where it opened its first centre in Barcelona in March 2024. The company
wants to bring in more strategic partners and investors with a wealth of experience in the world.
fitness professionals who want to join the project and support the expansion in our country.
With all of these openings, BFT has consolidated its demand and position as a leader in the
boutique fitness market, currently operating in countries such as Australia, New Zealand,
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and Spain. BFT's first studies in
Indonesia are scheduled to open in July, and the first studio in Scotland is due to open in
Glasgow later this month. In addition, the boutique has a partnership with HYROXthe
largest fitness race in the world.

Fitness professionals and entrepreneurs with ambitions to open a Body Fit centre in Spain can ask for more details on this website. link.
Body Fit Training (BFT) is a fitness franchise that offers a training product based on
in strength and functional conditioning in the community. It currently has 300 studios open in 9
countries. BFT was founded in 2017 by Cameron Falloona veteran of the fitness industry who
personally designed the 14 BFT training programmes.
Using science and technology to generate positive outcomes for people at all levels of society.
fitness, BFT offers 50-minute, progression-based sessions that are scheduled to help
reduce fat and build lean muscle. Combining cardio with genuine strength programmes, the
members benefit from training different energy systems every day, training different types of energy systems every day, training different types of energy systems every day, training different types of energy systems every day, training different types of energy systems every day.
of muscle and not to overload the same movement patterns day after day.