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NUTRIBULLET® joins 'Todos Contra el Cáncer', with its star product: personal blenders.

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De'Longhi Group, with its brand nutribullet®has joined the Initiative '.All Against CancerThe aim of the campaign is to mobilise society, companies, public administrations and the media to overcome this disease.

This morning, at the Association's headquarters in Barcelona, the De'Longhi Group signed the manifesto, with the commitment to achieve a survival rate of 70% by 2030. The event was attended by the Dr. Laureano MolinsPresident of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Barcelona, and Alex Barnett, General Manager of the De'Longhi Group for Spain and Portugal.

Alex Barnett, Managing Director of the De'Longhi Group for Spain and Portugal, left, and the Dr. Laureano MolinsPresident of the Spanish Association Against Cancer in Barcelona, on the right.

The De'Longhi Group, an international company with a presence in Spain and Portugal through its household appliances, reaffirms its commitment to the cause by focusing on prevention through the promotion of healthy eating habits. By using its personal blenders to prepare nutritious recipes, nutribullet® aims to reduce the risk of developing cancer by promoting a balanced diet.

Specifically, the brand nutribullet® supports the Initiative's Prevention axis and the "Healthy Eating Guide: How to maintain good summer habits to prevent cancer?". This guide aims to provide practical tools for consumers to adopt healthy eating during the summer, thus helping to reduce some of the risk factors associated with cancer development.

In addition, nutribullet® has launched an advertising campaign with the Olympic athlete Ana Peleteiro. This campaign, which will feature the logo of the "All Against Cancer" event, aims to spread the initiative and the message of the importance of healthy habits under the claim: "Maximum nutrition, Minimum effort".

During the signing ceremony, Molins, has communicated that "For The All Against Cancer Initiative's goal is clear: to achieve a 70% survival rate by 2030. However, we cannot do it alone. It is vital that committed companies such as nutribullet® join the initiative, showing their social responsibility and support in the fight against a disease that affects 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in their lifetime.

For its part, Alex Barnett, has expressed its commitment to the cause: "At De'Longhi Group, we are deeply proud to be part of this collective effort. It is essential to show solidarity and highlight the importance of prevention through the adoption of healthy lifestyles. Together, we can make a significant impact and move towards a future with less cancer incidence."

Declared by the Spanish Government as an Event of Exceptional Public Interest (AEIP), 'Todos Contra el Cáncer' aims to create a movement that unites the entire population, companies, organisations, public administrations and the media to achieve the common goal of overcoming the disease. For this reason, the Spanish Association Against Cancer is promoting the adhesion of companies such as the De'Longhi Group and the media to multiply the resources destined to improve cancer care, dissemination, prevention and research.