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Hotel Materra: a wellness jewel in Croatia with Italian flair

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The Hotel Materra emerges as a new jewel in the idyllic countryside landscape of Croatia. That is why, in the design and construction of this hotel spa, panoramic windows have been given prominent space in all the cabins.
The skilled designers have worked closely with the architects and owners of the hotel to ensure that the spa environment is consistent with the overall concept of the structure. In particular, the Carmenta has designed and built huts for both warm and cold treatments.

Creation of Finnish Sauna with the Aufguss Ritual

When planning the spa for this hotel, the inclusion of more cabins has been considered. Among the treatments, the traditional Finnish dry sauna stands out. This environment is characterised by high temperatures (80-100°C) and a relative humidity of 3 to 6%. Thanks to the large space inside the cabin and the strategic location of the cooker, it is also possible to perform the Aufguss ritual. This ritual combines wellness with recreation: the sauna master, after pouring water or ice scented with balsamic essences on the hot stones, skillfully directs the steam towards the guests using a towel.

Design of a Dual Function Hut: Biosauna and Herbal Sauna

Another "warm and soft" treatment included in this hotel spa project is the Biosauna. This cabin allows you to enjoy a treatment with a higher percentage of relative humidity (20-40%) and a more moderate temperature (40-60 ºC), thus offering an alternative experience. In addition to its function as a biosauna, the cabin has been equipped with a tray or brazier for preparing aromatic and balsamic herbs. When sprayed with water mist from the stainless steel dispenser on the cooker, these herbs release their essences, creating a relaxing and revitalising atmosphere.

Creation of a Steam Bath for the Hotel

The last warm treatment included in the design and construction of this spa in Croatia is the steam bath. This thermal treatment is characterised by its high relative humidity (85-90%) and temperatures between 42 and 47 ºC. For this project, we have chosen a cabin from our Dream collection, with benches and steam outlet in white Corian, and walls covered with our elegant Calacatta Gold porcelain tiles.

Complete Wellness Circuits: Ice Fountain & Relaxation Zone

After treatments such as sauna and steam bath, it is essential to refresh the body quickly. This is why we have included an ice fountain in the spa design. This fountain, located in a circular niche, provides a refreshing and revitalising contrast. In addition, every hotel spa should have a relaxation area where guests can rest and replenish lost fluids. For this reason, we have incorporated a herbal tea cabinet, which offers a selection of teas, herbal infusions and fresh and dried fruits. In the design of this spa in Croatia, we have created a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, with a salt wall designed and built by Carmenta, which blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings of the hotel.