At Wellness Forum we firmly believe in the importance of bringing wellness directly to the community, and this is why we are developing the WELLNESS FORUM DAYS, a series of travelling events that tour different cities in Spain. These events are fundamental pillars in our mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise awareness about the importance of holistic wellness.


Structure of the WELLNESS FORUM DAY:

Each event consists of: 2/3 hours of conference (on a specific theme for each city), exhibition of products or services related to wellbeing (sponsors), various sports workshops (pilates, boxing, dance, etc.), showcooking of healthy recipes, holistic therapy classes (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, cocoa, etc.), mini-courses in massage, beauty, etc. (also sponsored). At Total 5-6 hours (morning or afternoon depending on the area and location).

Each event is carefully structured with local suppliers to offer a complete and enriching experience.

The day concludes with a networking session and the definition of 1 specific objective of wellbeing for each other, creating a space for connection and exchange among attendees. These events not only aim to educate and motivate, but also to create a community of individuals. committed with their well-being and that of others. We believe that by sharing experiences and learning together, we can strengthen the social fabric and contribute to collective well-being.

Download the partnership dossier as a Speaker/Ambassador/Professional expert in wellness.
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