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The evolution of aesthetics: a holistic approach to wellness

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In a recent interview with Dr. Mario Arques, the owner of the prestigious Arques Clinic in Puerto Banús, addressed key issues related to aesthetics and wellness, highlighting the evolution that the sector has undergone in recent years.

From correction to prevention: a paradigm shift

Historically, cosmetic clinics were the last resort for those seeking to correct physical defects or imperfections that affected their quality of life. Today, however, we are seeing a significant change in the nature of consultations. People are increasingly approaching these spaces in search of prevention, wellness and harmonisation of their image.

Dr. Arques, with his extensive experience in this field, highlights this paradigm shift, pointing out that aesthetic medicine has been integrated as another service in people's daily lives, transcending the idea of pure correction to embrace a more holistic and preventive approach.

Beyond the superficial: the importance of inner well-being

During the interview, Dr. Arques emphasised the importance of not only focusing on the external image, but also on the internal well-being of the patient. He stated that a responsible and ethical approach to aesthetic medicine involves understanding the patient's true motivations and needs, and working hand in hand with them to achieve a balance between their physical and emotional well-being.

"The person will never be satisfied if we only focus on the external aspects, as their desire for change may hide another kind of need or fear, so it is essential to address the internal problems," Dr Arques said, stressing the need for a holistic approach in aesthetic practice.

Professional responsibility and commitment to the patient

Mario Arques calls for the responsibility of aesthetics professionals to guide their patients towards informed and healthy choices and states that it is essential to take the time to understand patients' concerns and expectations, especially during the first consultations.

"For me it is important to dedicate at least half an hour to understand what the person is looking for and from there to offer him or her the improvement that is either external, which is the simplest, or internal, which is more complex, but which we can facilitate thanks to the collaboration with different professionals," he said.

The future needs conscious aesthetics

The Arques Clinic has established itself as a benchmark in responsible aesthetics and comprehensive wellbeing, setting the standard for a future in which beauty and health go hand in hand. Dr. Arques, together with the entire medical and auxiliary team of the clinic, tries to listen to the patient's state of mind in order to understand what kind of solutions are really useful to improve their psycho-emotional well-being, thanks to his ethical and holistic approach, which is increasingly necessary as superficial aesthetic treatments help to achieve satisfactory beauty but are not always enough, especially if the objective is the full well-being and lasting satisfaction of each patient.