Focusing on music and leisure: Starlite Occident 2023 in figures

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Starlite Occident is a driver of tourism development and destination dynamismbacked up by the high economic, social and cultural impact it has for Marbellathe Costa del Sol, Andalusia and for the whole of Spain. The direct impact generated by the more than 350,000 attendees from 95 nationalitiesThe festival, which attracts visitors attracted by the exclusivity of the festival, also represents an important additional economic activity in sectors such as transport (taxis, trains, planes), accommodation (hotels), catering (bars, restaurants) and commerce; promoting and improving the local area.

The festival continues its exponential growth every year, with a significant multiplier effect on the country's economyboth in GDP as in employment. In 2022, the total annual impact according to the study conducted by PWC at GDP termswas more than 315 million. Growth which, according to the study, remains at the same orders of magnitude at the close of this latest edition. Moreover, as has been demonstrated since its inception, Starlite Occident is also a driver of employment in the area. and in its area of influence, which includes not only the Marbellabut the Costa del Sol and Andalusia. In its XII edition, the festival has increased their employabilitygenerating more than 1,000 jobs.

In short, the boutique festival has once again filled Marbella's summer nights with magic and illusion, fusing live music, culture and gastronomy in an iconic space, converted into one of Spain's best showcases open to the world..