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5 ways to make a long treadmill run more interesting

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If you're a runner, you may choose to get on a treadmill as a way to work on speed and endurance. Treadmills are a simple, practical and convenient way to run in the comfort of a gym or at home, plus they give you the option of selecting speeds, hills and distance.
However, longer runs on the treadmill can be a bit tedious. After all, unlike running outdoors, there's not much to look at or people to watch. But before you dismiss the idea of a long treadmill run, why not try these boredom busters?

  1. Tune in to TV
    Is there a Netflix show you're currently engrossed in? Maybe a YouTube video you've been meaning to watch? Or do you need to catch up on the day's news and just haven't had the time? Then kill two birds with one stone and watch while you run. Not only does time naturally pass faster when your mind is occupied (which makes your run seem shorter), but you'll also be ticking something off your list of things to watch or do, so you'll save time too!
    You are lucky that all treadmills Technogym feature Technogym Live, the console that offers a host of entertainment options such as TV channels, social media, Netflix, YouTube and a wide range of apps from games to the latest news. After all, running on the treadmill is much better for you than lying on the sofa (although it's a little less relaxing!).
  2. Learn a language
    Nowadays there are a large number of podcasts in several different languages. In fact, there are also several podcasts aimed at teaching you how to speak a new language. So why not spend your time wisely and put on a podcast about language learning? Just like with TV, your mind will be occupied, which means your run will seem shorter and you'll also learn something new. Again, Technogym Live also offers Spotify, with a wide variety of countless podcasts!
  3. Register for a meeting
    Today, many meetings are conducted by telephone or video. Often, many of these meetings require little participation and simply involve you tuning in and listening. So why not tune in while you run? You'll be keeping fit and working at the same time; you can't go wrong with that - just remember not to push yourself too hard, so you'll have some encouragement to speak up if you need to!
  4. Add some hills
    Long runs tend to take place over large stretches of flat terrain. So spice things up a bit with some hills by upping the incline of your treadmill. You'll break up the run, making it much more entertaining, and challenge your heart and lungs as well as your legs, making you stronger and fitter; you can also try mixing up the speeds as a way of creating a more challenging long run.
    There are many ways to make your treadmill training engaging and never boring: by choosing your favourite session on Technogym Live, you can train according to a specific goal, such as losing weight or building endurance. Alternatively, you can test yourself with Ruotines, following intuitive exercises with a specific goal and intensity. This way, reaching your fitness goals will be a breeze.
  5. Go virtual
    You may not be able to run in the mountains or through the streets of your favourite foreign city, but today there are many beautiful running routes available virtually. Outdoors on Technogym Live also allows you to choose your running route and watch the world go by on your treadmill screen, choosing the urban or natural landscape of your choice among many!

Now that everything is set up, grab the application Technogym and perform it: Quick & Lean to work your glutes, arms and legs to burn calories and improve coordination.