Corporate health: how to attract and retain talent in large companies

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Companies seeking to retain talent are increasingly concerned about the health of their employees. Thus, physiotherapy, sports activities or active rest sessions, among other benefits, have been added to the traditional medical check-up that is carried out periodically. The search for health has been joined by the search for well-being; the aim is to ensure that employees feel well in order to increase productivity, creativity and improve the working environment.

But what about the managers? In many of these policies, explains from Neolife Ángel Briongos, the members of the management structure are left out. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, an understandable lack of time; on the other, a desire not to encroach on the worker's sphere.

If we are talking about retaining talent and improving the image of a healthy company, the directors of the company should be, warns this corporate health expert, the priority objective, while at the same time setting an example in their teams. In addition to retaining talent, and with an eye on the medium and long term, companies seek to attract talent, so the wellness-health equation should be implemented, personalised and modernised to make a difference. This is why it is necessary to go beyond the traditional VIP/Executive check-up.

Modern medicine in the service of modern business

This is the aim of the corporate health programmes of these centres specialising in anti-ageing medicine and accompanying the manager throughout the year, without waiting, as is the usual practice, until the next check-up. Based on prevention and comprehensive health improvement, they could be defined as modern medicine at the service of modern HR, i.e. the latest stage in personal care within the concept of "health and wellness". Employer Branding.

They differ, therefore, not only in orientation and objective, but also in the state-of-the-art tests they provide and in the medical follow-up throughout the year. According to BriongosNeolife's corporate check-ups "change their lives", because it's not just about detecting a disease at a given moment, but also about preventing it and improving their well-being and performance at all levels.

Neolife check-up, tests gold standard of anti-ageing medicine

For this purpose, out-of-the-ordinary tests are carried out, preventive in the strictest sense of the word, going beyond the early diagnosis orientation of the usual check-ups: study of arterial stiffness with pulse wave, ergospirometry (even in non-athletes, for the precious value of VO2 max at the level of cardiovascular prevention), advanced nutrition check, bone mineral densitometry even in men, and with a DXA, the procedure gold standardIt can also be used to measure body composition and visceral fat. It also includes a study for hormone replacement, very useful in pre- and menopause or in andropause for the prevention of diseases derived from ageing.

In addition, the Neolife medical team specialises in the most cutting-edge tests such as genetic, telomeric, rest and oxidative stress, microbiota and onco-preventive studies.

The chronobiotic and oxidative stress study is a revealing test of an individual's rest, his melatonin secretion and how he produces free radicals and defends himself against them. To this we must add that of the microbiota, an indicator of all the organisms that populate our intestinal flora, which is increasingly taken into account and "which has an intimate relationship with pathology and our state of health, we also consider that they are a distinguishing feature of our check-ups", as Dr. Alfonso Galán, of the Neolife medical team, points out.

These check-ups can be adapted to the objectives and budgets of each company, although in all cases they will serve to improve not only the health of the manager, but also his or her performance and the perception that executives have of their own company. For the company, it is a way to optimise the investment it makes in hiring management personnel and to lead in the concept of a "healthy company".