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SHA Wellness Clinic celebrates 15th anniversary and announces global expansion

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This year, SHA Wellness Clinica global leader in holistic health and wellness, is celebrating its 15th anniversary, having transformed the lives of more than 60,000 people and counting.
With an impressive track record of more than 100 international awards, this year it has received the prestigious title of the World's Best Wellness Clinic awarded by the World Spa Awards. In addition, it has been recognised by the World Tourism Organisation as a key player in the remarkable growth of the global health tourismconsolidating its position as a leader in the sector.

Sha Wellness Clinic

SHA Wellness Clinic: 15th anniversary transforming lives and global expansion

Founded in 2008 by president Alfredo Bataller and his son, vice-president Alejandro, SHA continues to maintain its essence as a family business. It has a team of 350 professionals from 42 countries who collaborate in the implementation of SHA's innovative 360º approach. This approach is based on fundamental pillars including healthy nutrition, natural therapies, regenerative preventive and anti-ageing medicine, cognitive stimulation, inner balance, non-invasive aesthetic medicine, fitness disciplines and skills to promote a healthy lifestyle. In Alejandro's words: "Our main goal has always been to be a turning point in our guests' lives, focusing on delivering the best results. All we ask is that they dedicate at least seven days of their life to us, and in return, we deliver a positive, meaningful and lasting transformation in their health and wellbeing. This is what we promise.

The SHA team, ranging from aestheticians to acupuncturists, neurocognitive specialists to pranayama instructors, and nutritionists to personal trainers, is top-notch. Each member of the team has patiently waited their turn to collaborate with their colleagues to create collaborative and integrative programmes that change clients' lives. In addition, SHA offers state-of-the-art facilities and services available to its guests. The brand's international following includes celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, Donna Karan, Olivier Rousteing, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue and Monica Bellucci.

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Discover what's new at SHA Wellness Clinic on its 15th anniversary and global expansion

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, SHA presents a series of new features and innovations, including:

1. High Performance Programme for Leaders:

Based on pioneering research conducted by SHA's Cognitive Development and Brain Stimulation Unit, the High Performance Programme for Leaders has been launched, designed specifically for CEOs, entrepreneurs and business leaders who face high levels of activity, effort and stress on a daily basis. This programme aims to help them achieve optimal performance and productivity without neglecting their physical and mental health.

2. SHA Cookbook:

In order to bring his famous nutritional approach into the homes of his guests and followers, SHA has published his new cookbook, entitled "The Power of Healthy Nutrition". This book, with a foreword by renowned chef Ferran Adrià, presents 76 carefully selected recipes based on the innovative fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, two cultures with high longevity rates. Each dish is energetic, balanced and made with local, organic and seasonal produce.

3. Sexual Health Unit:

Led by clinical psychologist Cynthia Molina, SHA has launched a Sexual Health Unit inspired by WHO research, which highlights the importance of sexual wellbeing in mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. This unit will address all aspects of sexual wellbeing, including function, desire and self-esteem, considering that approximately 52% of women and 38% of men experience some form of sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives.

4. Global Expansion:

SHA's 15th anniversary coincides with exciting expansion plans that include the opening of two new destinations in the next two years. SHA Mexico will open in early 2024 in Costa Mujeres, marking the launch of the first authentic medical spa destination in the Americas. It will be followed by SHA Emirates in the United Arab Emirates in 2024-25. These two new destinations represent a step change in the sector, as they will include full-service private residence properties in response to growing consumer demand and interest in long-term investments in health and wellness.