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Training and attention to detail: how to run a luxury SPA according to Ana Castellanos

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In a world where wellness and relaxation are in constant demand, SPAs have become havens for those seeking a respite from the daily hustle and bustle. In an exclusive meeting with Ana Castellanos, Spa Manager of the hotel group "Spa de la Frontera".The Fort"We dive into the fascinating world of luxury spas to discover what makes them so special.

From Coordination to Implementation

Although wellness is a booming sector, Ana is not new to the industry. As Spa Manager of the Hotel Amare Marbella and Corporate Director of all the group's spas, she coordinates the management and programming of six wellness centres. "And we are preparing the opening of a new space on the coast of Cádiz, which will be a big surprise," Ana tells us confidently.

The Insignia Spa

The Spa of the Hotel El Fuerterecently opened, has become the jewel in the chain's crown. "The spa at Hotel El Fuerte has been open for a few months now... it is our flagship of the chain, because it is the biggest and most luxurious of them all," says Ana. Located in a hotel that now boasts a five-star rating, this spa is the group's largest and most luxurious. The facilities include a dynamic swimming pool, a spacious sauna, a Turkish bath and relaxation areas. Everything is designed to provide the sense of tranquillity and well-being that discerning guests seek.

The Evolution of Welfare

According to Ana, spa visits have evolved over time. "Yes, it has evolved a lot because thank God the wellness world has grown," she says. Before, people were mainly looking for treatments and massages. Now, they are looking for a complete wellness experience, a place where they can disconnect and reconnect with themselves.

A Personal Touch

One of the characteristics that distinguishes the spas of the El Fuerte group is personalisation. "What we are looking for at all times is spaces, lights in line with relaxation, silence, aromas, perceptions," says Ana. Each spa has its own character and personality, which allows them to differentiate themselves from the competition. In addition, the group works with the brand ClarinsWe guarantee quality aromas and treatments in all our facilities.

At the end of our chat, Ana invited us to tour the facilities, showing us the treatment cabins, including the double VIP cabin with private jacuzzi, and emphasising the importance of privacy and personalised treatment for each client. "We try to provide a highly professional service, with the highest quality, but above all with a lot of discretion", she emphasised.


The wellness industry has changed and is undoubtedly one of the most booming trends, although today its profitability has to be measured very carefully.

The client is looking for new experiences, but without renouncing the clichés of quality and excellence, and for this the training of its own staff is fundamental. This is why the El Fuerte Group is committed to its talents and to retaining them in its hotels. Thanks to professionals like Ana Castellanos, clients can expect unique and memorable experiences on every visit.

And with winter approaching, luxury and relaxation retreats such as the spas of the El Fuerte group should be on your list.

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