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Buchinger Wilhelmi celebrates 50th anniversary of its opening in Marbella

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On Thursday 7 September, the Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic of Marbella celebrated its 50th anniversary in grand style. The event was an immersive experience in which approximately 150 people, including authorities, hotel industry representatives, patients and partners, embarked on a journey through time.

On this unique occasion, the different generations shared fascinating and unknown details about the history of the clinic, from its founding to the present day, highlighting its unwavering commitment to offering health and wellness services of the highest quality to patients from all over the world. The Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic, founded in 1973 by Maria Buchinger, known as the great Lady of Fasting, and her husband Helmut Wilhelmi, has maintained a leading position in the field of holistic medicine, therapeutic fasting and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The celebration took place in the clinic's characteristic summer atmosphere and was attended by distinguished guests including political figures such as Francisca Caracuel and Carmen Díaz from the Marbella town hall, the mayor of Estepona Jose María García Urbano and his wife, the president of AEHCOS, José Luque García, as well as loyal patients, friends such as Count Rudi and his wife María Luisa, members of the board of Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinics and numerous collaborators. All were welcomed with an exquisite and healthy cocktail in the Buchinger Wilhelmi style, marking the beginning of a unique evening.

The highlight of the evening was the screening of a special documentary film that recounted 50 years of the clinic's history, with moving speeches by the Buchinger Wilhelmi Rohrer family and a retrospective journey from 1973 to 2023. During these speeches, the current management of the clinic, headed by Katharina Rohrer-Zaiser and Victor Wilhelmi, emphasised the family character that has characterised the company since its inception and acknowledged the patients and the Buchinger Wilhelmi team as central to its success.

The Deputy Mayor of Marbella, Francisca Caracuel, highlighted the importance of the clinic as a world reference in health and quality, underlining its contribution to the history and brand of Marbella.

In his speech, Raimund Wilhelmi, corporate president of Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinics, emphasised the strong cooperation between the clinics in Marbella and Überlingen (Germany), as well as the close relationship with the employees, a key factor for the present and future success.

One of the most emotional moments was the intervention of Claus and Jutta Rohrer, who shared their personal experience and the decisive moment when, after a call from Jutta's mother Maria Buchinger, they made the decision to leave their life in Germany behind to join the clinic in Marbella and start health tourism. Claus Rohrer expressed with emotion: "We are the refuge, not to say sanctuary, for many people who are looking to be healthier and happier in life; that is what really fills our life". Jutta Rohrer emphasised the importance of having loyal and satisfied patients and expressed her sincere thanks to the people of Marbella, noting that they have always welcomed them with open arms.

Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo, scientific director of Buchinger Wilhelmi, highlighted the fundamentals of therapeutic fasting and the ongoing research that supports its effectiveness. She underlined the mission of the clinics, which is "to empower people to live a healthy and fulfilling life and to promote active and healthy longevity".

The interventions also included Victoria Cano, who was a nurse for more than 40 years and started her career with the founder Maria Buchinger, highlighting some anecdotes from that time. Likewise, Mme. Asma Chaabi, a loyal patient of Moroccan origin, shared her experience and how her stays at the clinic have influenced her personal and professional development.

The final highlight of the celebration came from the writer and Nobel Prize winner, Mario Vargas Llosa, who, through a video, emphasised the importance of understanding our own body in order to take care of it, which, in turn, allows us to live a fuller and longer life. In his final words, Vargas Llosa shared: "When I live those difficult moments of everyday life, it helps me to think that there is a home in Marbella where sooner or later I can arrive and recover optimism, that wonderful inner peace".