The Huevo de Toro tomato: a delicious antioxidant from the Malaga valley

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The clinic Buchinger Wilhelmi presented this week to his patients the benefits and properties of the Huevo de Toro tomato, an ancient local variety with which he makes both healthy seasonal dishes and preserves.

The Huevo de Toro tomato is a sensitive fruit with a thin and delicate skin, slow ripening and fleshy body, which owes its intense red colour to its high lycopene content, which gives it a high antioxidant power. Although it has an average weight of 600 grams, it can exceed one kilo per unit.

The Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic was led by Antonio Gámez, member of ARF (Amplius Regenerative Food project) and farmer specialising in Bull's Egg and member of the Bull's Egg Association of the Guadalhorce Valley, who showed the work done by numerous families in the area to spread the history, tradition and culture of this product, together with their commitment to obtain the best expression of the land in the most natural way.

He explained that through its Amplius Regenerative Food (ARF) project, the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic has been working for seven years now with 14 local and nearby small farmers to produce organic food using regenerative agriculture techniques.

Knowing that a healthy diet requires high quality food, cooperation with farmers in the region is vital for the clinic, as this is the only way to obtain the best products with the best taste and nutritional value.

Its aim is to source the healthiest, freshest and most seasonal organic food so that patients can enjoy the most nutritious meals during their stay.

In addition to offering the fresh Huevo de Toro tomato in various dishes on its summer menu, the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic uses half a tonne of this product to produce organic preserves, thus preserving this gastronomic treasure throughout the year.

Among the best known consumers of the Huevo de Toro tomato are celebrities and gastronomic references such as Sara Baras, Pepe Cobos, Victoria Abril, Vicente del Bosque and Antonio Banderas, who have bought it at the "Best Huevo Toro Tomato" auction held at the beginning of each season in the Malaga town of Coín.